Book Covers

  • Fantastic Creatures

    24th January 2017

    Mark Oxbrow has a new book out, and I once again created the cover. The book is a guide...

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  • Inferno

    5th June 2013

    I have another new book out. Co-authored once again with Mark Oxbrow it’s a guide to Dan Brown’s novel...

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  • My New Precious

    17th December 2012

    I have a new book out, co-authored with my long-term collaborator and close friend, Mark Oxbrow. The book is...

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  • Secrets…

    27th February 2012

    I’ve worked with Mark Oxbrow many times in the past and have always enjoyed the process. So, when it...

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  • A New Book

    6th September 2011

    This post isn’t just a piece of shameless self-promotion…yes, I wrote this book, but I did also design the...

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  • Decoding the Artwork

    19th October 2009

    For years we have been awaiting Dan Brown’s next novel and now the wait is finally over. Hot on...

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  • The Long Trip

    14th September 2008

    My latest book cover is a design for Daily Grail Publishing who have just reissued Paul Devereux’s The Long...

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  • Darklore

    6th November 2007

    I have recently been working on a book just released by Daily Grail Publishing called Darklore. I designed the...

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  • The Occult

    5th July 2007

    Today sees the release of my latest book, An A to Z of the Occult. Once again written with...

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  • Atlantis

    5th November 2006

    Just a quick plug – my first book has just been released and is out now in the shops....

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