• Earth Ancients Podcast

    14th November 2016

    I’ve recently launched a new site for Earth Ancients, a radio show and podcast presented by Cliff Dunning that highlights...

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  • William Henry – A Rebuild

    27th May 2016

    I have just completed an entire rebuild of William’s site, moving over to WordPress. William wanted a very clean,...

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  • A Rebuild

    28th March 2016

    I’ve been providing clients with cutting-edge, WordPress websites that are easy to update for years now, yet I never...

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  • Sue Minns

    16th February 2016

    I’ve just completed a very satisfying WordPress website for Sue Minns. We spent a lot of time refining the...

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  • Beedazzled

    27th July 2014

    The WordPress train rolls on. I have just converted Andrew Gough’s site to WordPress to allow him to update...

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  • Wonderwall

    8th April 2014

    Very pleased with a new website I have just launched for writer and journalist Mick Wall. Mick has written...

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  • WordPress

    25th February 2014

    I get asked more and more to build custom WordPress sites for clients. I find the process incredibly enjoyable...

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  • The Heretic

    8th August 2012

    I was talking in my last entry about ebooks and the future of publishing. Well, staying in the same...

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  • A New Book

    6th September 2011

    This post isn’t just a piece of shameless self-promotion…yes, I wrote this book, but I did also design the...

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  • Time

    8th January 2011

    Maybe I should stop dating my blogs! It has been a year since my last I note. While it...

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