• Stones and Metals

    Stones and Metals

    This is a book cover for a Brazilian client. The book features astrological symbols as well as metallic elements and...

  • Gem Aero

    Gem Aero

    This is a website for a technology firm, as they launch their new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. I created an...

  • A Life For Gnarly

    A Life For Gnarly

    This is another book by Jenny Kile, this time, the true story of a goose that lived with her...

  • William Henry

    William Henry

    William Henry is an investigative mythologist, author, Consulting Producer of the global hit History Channel program, Ancient Aliens, radio...

  • Activate Your Magical Mind

    Activate Your Magical Mind

    I was commissioned to create an Illustration for this series of CDs and then create the covers.    ...

  • The Fortune Seller

    The Fortune Seller

    I designed this book inside and out, for Patrice Chaplin. The cover involved creating unique tarot cards that we...

  • The Tapestry of the Soul

    The Tapestry of the Soul

    I designed a unique motif for this client, to be used primarily on an upcoming book, but also on...

  • The Great Temples of Egypt

    The Great Temples of Egypt

    I designed this book inside and out and it was released throughout Egypt as a guide to the ancient...

  • New Dawn Magazine

    New Dawn Magazine

    I often work with New Dawn Magazine, designing the covers of their Special Issues as well as regular issues....

  • Tolkien: The Secret History…

    Tolkien: The Secret History…

    A book that I co-wrote with Mark Oxbrow. I designed the cover and handled all of the eBook formatting....

  • Oxford City Council

    Oxford City Council

    I worked closely with Oxford City Council to produce an initial series of three Conservation Area Appraisal documents. The...