• Gem Aero

    Gem Aero

    This is a website for a technology firm, as they launch their new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. I created an...

  • Earth Ancients

    Earth Ancients

    Earth Ancients is a podcast featuring Cliff Dunning, and every week he explores our planet’s distant past with an...

  • William Henry

    William Henry

    William Henry is an investigative mythologist, author, Consulting Producer of the global hit History Channel program, Ancient Aliens, radio...

  • Edfu Books

    Edfu Books

    This was a fresh new rebuild of a site I first created for Edfu Books in 2003. We moved...

  • Temple Tree

    Temple Tree

    Frances Tree asked me to create a unique and distinctive look and a feel for her Aromatherapy and Reiki...

  • Owl Medicine

    Owl Medicine

    Owl Medicine is the website of shamanic healer and author Lisa Weikel. We worked together to create a site...

  • Center For Personal Evolution

    Center For Personal Evolution

    The Center for Personal Evolution is devoted to spiritual and personal growth. The center focuses on providing classes, workshops, personal...

  • Absolute Editing

    Absolute Editing

    Eileen Shaw had previously asked me to design a website for one of her other businesses, Bo’s Place; this...

  • Messages From the Unseen World

    Messages From the Unseen World

    This is a series of books that I have formatted and released as eBooks. It was great to work...

  • Secrets of Dan Brown’s Inferno

    Secrets of Dan Brown’s Inferno

    This was a project I worked on with Mark Oxbrow (E. Varelli). I produced the book cover and formatted...

  • New Hope Life Works

    New Hope Life Works

    This site is set to go live in the near future. I’m particularly fond of the colour scheme.

  • Andean Water Essences

    Andean Water Essences

    This was developed over several months with Eleanora Amendolara after she approached me and asked me to build a...

  • Mr. Lazarus

    Mr. Lazarus

    I created the cover for this book by Patrice Chaplin, as well as formatting the title as a Kindle...

  • Dyan Sheldon

    Dyan Sheldon

    Dyan Sheldon is a world-famous author. She is mainly known for her books for children but her writing appeals...