A Thorny Issue

A Thorny Issue

Issue Five of Sub Rosa is now out.

I am pleased with how this issue looks and had fun especially with an article on crop circles, for which I designed a very colourful spread.

I also used this theme for the cover. There are some incredible formations appearing at the moment. It doesn’t matter who or what you believe is responsible for their creation, one thing is certain; we are witnessing the fine-tuning of a true art-form at play in the fields of Wiltshire and beyond.

As well as the feature on crop circles, there is also an excellent piece by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince on the Priory of Sion, an interview with brain-and-a-half Dean Radin, and an excerpt from Daniel Pinchbeck’s latest book 2012: the Return of Quetzlcoatl. Then there are the usual suspects; news, reviews and writings from the edge.

Adam Miller also provided some illustrations and as always he didn’t disappoint. So, all in all, Issue Five is 77 pages of great reading and visual treats. Go and get it.

Adam Miller’s mind-blowing illustration alongside my layout.

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