The Heretic

The Heretic

I was talking in my last entry about ebooks and the future of publishing. Well, staying in the same vein, I have just released a brand new digital magazine with my long-time collaborator, Andrew Gough. We have called it The Heretic Magazine and we are covering anything alternative; history, religion, science and everything else in between.

We have been discussing a product such as this for some time, and then Apple released their authoring software iBooks Author. The software streamlines the process of designing multi-touch books for their iPad iBooks App. So, we dived right in and are proud to announce the release of Volume 1 of The Heretic Magazine.

The Heretic Magazine

You can see more examples of my design work for the magazine on my portfolio page for the product.

Designer and Writer. I am the owner of Artifice Design and co-owner of The Heretic Magazine.


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