I get asked more and more to build custom WordPress sites for clients. I find the process incredibly enjoyable and merging my high-gloss designs with WordPress’ amazing functionality is something that seems to work really well. One example is CCCPE, a site I just launched.


WordPress allows the client to update their blog and other sections of text themselves. This means that the site owner can feed fresh content to their site without having to ask a web designer or developer to get involved each time. It is a fantastic system for both designer and site owner and means that the client has a level of independence that never existed a few years ago.

I can see my WordPress work eventually taking over my traditional, custom website designs. I am able to transpose my colourful designs onto the WordPress framework and customise how everything pulls together, so it is the perfect marriage of form and function. I’ve seen a lot of content management systems develop over the years, but WordPress feels the most polished and it offers an ease of use that anyone who can post on Facebook can use. I am looking forward to developing many more and I have a handful in the pipeline right now. It will be interesting to look back in a couple of years and see where this all ended up.

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