William Henry – A Rebuild

William Henry – A Rebuild

I have just completed an entire rebuild of William’s site, moving over to WordPress. William wanted a very clean, minimal site, one where the only flashes of colour would come from our animations, featured content boxes, and images within individual stories/pages. The idea was to allow the content to speak for itself, without a surrounding design getting in the way. I’m very happy with how it all turned out, and we have a whole spectrum of new tools to play with on the site as we continue to update it, including an interactive calendar, a very advanced shopping cart, wishlist, and much more.

William Henry Website


I’m particularly excited about the animations we have running on the site (all clean, HTML5 driven, so they all run natively in modern browsers). I’m looking forward to building more of those in the future and using them to highlight spot features and products.

I am usually called in to create high-colour, lush designs, so it was quite refreshing – and challenging – to create a very clean, white website. While we do have lots of colour in the form of illustrations and animations, the interface of the site itself is very minimal and it slips into the background and allows the viewer to focus solely on William’s content. I’m looking forward to doing more work in a similar vein in the future.



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