Could a set of carved passages a stone's throw away from the Great Pyramid lead us to uncover an unknown passage within the Great Pyramid itself? Mark James Foster explores these passages and asks us to consider the possibility that the Trial Passages were left as a key to unlock the Great Pyramid. Read More

A investigation by Ralph Ellis and Mark Foster into the strange story of the Caliph Al Ma'mun who entered the Great Pyramid in the ninth century. The authors try to explain what really did happen on that day over 1,100 years ago when the Caliph finally entered the King's Chamber. They also put forward a new theory explaining the carving of "Ma'muns Tunnel".
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:::: WALL OF THE CROW ::::
An investigation by Mark James Foster into this intriguing feature found not far from the Sphinx. Is there more to this wall than meets the eye? The geometry at the site would have us believe there is. Why does this wall resemble a causeway more than a wall and if it is a causeway what did it once lead to? Is there something waiting beneath the sand at the end of this mysterious structure? Read More

:::: DASHUR ::::
Why are the Old Kingdom pyramids of Sneferu built so far out into the desert and why is the Bent Pyramid's Valley Temple nowhere near the Nile... Are these pyramids much older than conventional Egyptology would have us believe? Mark James Foster asks us to consider all of these questions as we look closer at the strange location of the Bent Pyramid's Valley Temple. Read More

Mark James Foster takes a look at some new evidence that suggests the Second Pyramid at Giza may have been used as a calendar. Very much a work in progress, take a look at part one as we try and unravel what could have been in the mind of the builders....Read More


By Simon Cox

In this article Simon Cox asks us to look at the importance of Sokar to Rosetau and leads us towards what may be the Giza plateau's most important find. What is the true purpose of the Giza Monument's geometric layout? What were it's builders trying to tell us? Is there one more find still to be made at the site? All of these questions are dealt with in this inspiring piece. This article first appeared in appendix IV of Secret Chamber by Robert Bauval. Read More

By Ralph Ellis
In this new article Ralph discusses the possibility that the Biblical Mt Sinai is not where we thought it was....as always Ralph leads us on a very thought provoking journey. Read More

By Ralph Ellis

Ralph Ellis puts forward a very persuasive argument that the Pyramids of Dahshur were not built by the Pharaoh Snefru but instead repaired by him. Ralph has some compelling evidence for why he believes this is the case and makes us re-evaluate the original construction date of these edifices. Read More

By Crichton Miller

Crichton Miller's outstanding work casts a new light on the so called "Dixon Relics" found inside the shafts of the Great Pyramid. Using his latest research he pieces together their purpose and what they reveal of the ancient builders. Crichton also outlines what it is that has led him to conclude that "this information may shatter the old religious order that has gripped the western world in an iron glove for two thousand years". Could he have found the "Greatest Treasure of the Pharaohs"? Read More